Our Curcumin is obtained from the rhizome part of the turmeric plant (Curcuma longa), which originates in Asia and is classified as a ginger plant. For medical and cooking purposes, we use its rhizome, which is further processed. Its health benefits have been known for over 2,000 years and are based on ancient ayurvedic texts. Turmeric is very popular not only in India, but also in China, Thailand, Peru and other countries. Today, turmeric and its beneficial effects on the human body are inclined in all falls and it has long been known that its use in the kitchen has a large overlap.


Turmeric contains only about 0.7% of Curcumin. We use 99.5% pure extract of Curcumin for triple fermentation!


You can therefore imagine how much greater the effect of medicinal properties on the human body after taking this concentrated Curcumin, which is beautifully yellow and surprisingly tastes good thanks to the presence of kombucha extract.

With the fermentation process of Curcumin we reach the molecules of tetracurcumoids, which are in the active form (150% higher efficiency and 2000% better absorption). Thanks to the process of fermentation of Kombucha extract, it is possible to ensure even faster absorption and transport in the body due to the tendencies of Kombucha extract.

Research studies suggest that curcumin, which is contained in the mentioned section, can help in the treatment of jioxidative and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, female genital organs, anxiety and hyperlipidaemia (increased content of fat cells in the blood).

 It can also help in the management of inflammation caused by exercise and muscle pain, thus increasing recovery and subsequent performance in active people. Life enzymes are the most beneficial and most absorbable in liquid form. In addition, our Curcumin is non-sparkling, does not burden the body and is also suitable for gluten-free and lactose-intolerant people

As the current EU legislation does not allow us to provide a more detailed description of the benefits of our natural products as it was possible before, we recommend consulting the literature or looking up information on the Internet about the active substances contained in our products and their specific effects on the human body.

    • Health Republic Kurkumin 500 ml

      Health Republic Kurkumin 500 ml

      HEALTH REPUBLIC CURCUMIN 500 ML 3x fermented liquid Curcumin elixir - a miraculous condensed form of extract from the rhizome of turmeric, benefiting the normal function of the skin, joints, brain, heart, etc. It also acts as a natural antibiotic. Kombucha extract promotes faster absorption of active substances into the body.

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