* Store at Korunní 1053/36, 120 00 Praha 2 - Vinohrady offering herbs, natural products, food supplements, vitamins, minerals.

* At the same time, it is a specialized counseling center for lovers of natural products, which is also offered by our company Health Republic.

* The store prefers personal contact with customers, during which we can better determine the cause of health problems and recommend the most appropriate medication and products.




* The store at V Korytech 23, Prague 10 - Záběhlice offering olive oils, vinegars, the best olives from Recka, cheeses and nutritional supplements

In the shop you can taste everything yourself and find out what suits you best in taste 

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* The store at Toužimská 588/70, Prague Kbely

* Buckets offering

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* The store at Ondříčkova 20, Prague 3 offering quality bio food and food supplements, eco drugstore and everything related to healthy lifestyle.

* Owners are based on the belief that, according to the latest knowledge of science, healthy nutrition is a path to strengthen their own immunity and solve most of the current chronic diseases (add, adhds, allergies, asthma, skin disease, intestinal trouble, depression, dyslexia, schizophrenia, autism), so we also offer natural suppliers from Health Republic

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KP Clinic


* Advisory Center offering a unique combination of hosting methods in Prague 10, in the U Tvrze 16/2

* Our motto: "Come to consult how to enjoy the health."

* They work with a medically certified bioreson-device, which allows you to find and gradually eliminate the causes of health problems. BICOM OPTIMA LL. Generation connects traditional Chinese medicine, quantum physics and German technology.

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* Healthy Nutrition at Husova 132, Nepomuk

The owner is opened to help and advice to anybody, if appropriate, recommend a customer suitable product.


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