Our story began 20 years ago. The wife of one of the founders of the project totally collapsed as a result of work overload and frequent travel. 

Intense stress led to a complete failure of her body, and doctors gave her only a 20% chance of a full recovery. She remained generally immobile and strapped to a bed for several months. It was a very difficult time for the whole family.


The process of Reconvalescence was very long and demanding. Her metabolism and inoperative. To her her close closer to speed up the healing process, they started to create your own bomb. And then the desire was to get from the bottle of her natural power in concentrated form and to strengthen its effect. After several months of attempts, mistakes and tests, driven by the desire to help their nearest, the drink was born in the cleanest form we called the commodoly, almost the same as the immune system was practically known to it today.


Soon after the sick woman began to take Kombooster, there was a huge shift in her recovery, which was completely unexpected not only for the family, but also for the doctors and hospital staff. Kombooster helped her cleanse her blood, muscles and ligaments began to heal faster. 

Since then, the health of kombooster's "first patient" has been steadily improving and continues to improve thanks to the fact that a woman adheres to a healthy lifestyle and still uses kombucha, which is part of her daily regimen, even in the form of basic - or Kombooster neb0 in its even stronger variants containing the healthiest of other superfoods (LifeBooster, Aloe Elixirs, PowerBooster, 3x fermented Curcumin, etc.).


Inspired by this experience, we continue our mission. 

We want to share the positive effects of our kombucha products, whose formula we have gradually developed over the next years into the final form, with as many of you as possible. We would like to help other people to a healthier path, not only in our area, but to as many people as possible throughout Europe. We all know what a hectic way of life most of us live. In addition, of course, we must not forget the ubiquitous 

Covid19 and the growing number of civilization diseases. 

In connection with this unhealthy environment, the need for increased immunity of the human body is absolutely essential. In today's "chemical" and over-technical times, we all need the most nature and the active natural substances from it to help live a better, healthier and more valuable life. 

Come and try the amazing benefits of kombucha extract, which has no analogues in this form in Europe (and maybe even in the world - we have not yet encountered this processing anywhere else).


See the Quality Assurance below, confirmed by Germany experts.



Our goal


To create the widest possible community of people living healthy and fulfilling lives, both physically and mentally. We would like more and more people to live in the spirit of a healthy lifestyle. So that everyone has easy access to support their own health, immunity, vitality and overall life energy with our natural supplements and leave out of their lives chemistry in the form of powders, tablets, E-cups, stabilizers, dyes, etc.

Treat yourself and others responsibly, take care of yourself and the environment in which we live, love yourself and live healthy. We are on our planet together with the beautiful nature around us, as long as possible.



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