Aloe Elixir is an exclusive combination of 100% natural ingredients (extracts), the main ingredient of which is Aloe Vera extract (Barbadensis miller - extract of juice 99.5% purity), Kombucha extract in combination with various types of healthy fruit: • Aloe Elixir Acai Berry with Acai fruit (Euterpe oleracea) • Aloe Elixir Bilberrys with blueberries (Vaccinium) • Aloe Elixir Tart Cherry with sour cherry (Prunus myrtillus) cerasus)


Unique properties of Aloe Elixirs, or more,

 1) Connecting three strong extracts - bonbou, Aloe vera and Selection Super fruit - This synergy is a branch premiere where the extracts from the combusion will enhance the active substances and the absorption of other components

 2) used by the extraordinary quality of the Aloe Vera, which has the highest content of polysaccharides on our market (up to 45%).

 3) 0% of the conserved addeds = stabilization is punished for pure natural and natural conditions, yet unpregative is required to keep the elixirs in the cold.

Aloe vera Extract has its anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, regenerative, anesthetic and immunizing effects due to their composition.


As the current EU legislation does not allow us to provide a more detailed description of the benefits of our natural products as it was possible before, we recommend consulting the literature or looking up information on the Internet about the active substances contained in our products and their specific effects on the human body.


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