• Mr. T. Voborský - owner of companies for electric shakers/scooters and eco-boilers

References to kombucha

  • Jolana Otáhalová - expert in the Quantum Blood method - many years of experience in the field of health prevention, microscopic blood analysis and expert advice

References to Kombooster and its influence on support of immunity, blood and blood vessel purification


Purification of the liver and detoxification of the body

  • Šárka Piková - mentor,  coach, therapist, graduate Feng Shui, consultant of traditional Chinese medicine, phytotherapist, organizer of partner therapies

Recommendation of Health Republic and their natural suplements

  • Peter O. - Praha 10, podnikatel, sportovec, vyznavač zdravého životního stylu

References to LifeBooster and other procuct lines

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